Willy's Chateau in Kensington, Johannesburg, offers both Bed & Breakfast and self-catering accommodation in comfortable, en-suite rooms - all furnished to the highest standards.  

Johannesburg Accommodation

on a Bed & Breakfast or
Self Catering basis

46 Leicester Rd, Kensington, Johannesburg
Tel: +27 11 615-5210
Fax: +27 11 615-8453
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The latest addition to our house is a very comfortable twin-bedded unit.

Connected to the Hamburg Suite, the two units together would make an ideal family unit, each with its own toilet/shower facilities.

The Berlin Unit has the history and feel of Berlin during the cold war, East separated from West by a wall. The "Funkturm" Communication Tower forms part of your Bedside Lighting!

The unit is decorated with mementos of Berlin in the form of pictures, books, actual parts of the Berlin Wall and DVDs.

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The Berlin Suite.
Writing desk. Toilet/shower. Separate entrance.

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